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Andre’ J Donawa


The Story

André J Donawa started playing violin at the tender age of 8.  His sheer desire to play the instrument was soon realized by his mother whom after much deliberation decided to grant him his first violin. Under the tutorship of Mr Anselm Walters he excelled into becoming a promising solo performer at age 11. His goal was always to become a  better musician, to bring awareness to the violin niche in Trinidad and Tobago; and also introduce a new style of playing,  incorporating classical elements with our Caribbean ancestry. Founder of one of the most original string groups in the Caribbean, Alternative Quartet; André found an avenue to develop his talents as a composer, arranger, music producer and music professor. André J Donawa has performed for the Queen of England, The Hall of the Americas Washington DC, Music Festivals across the Caribbean such as St Lucia Jazz Festival, Pan Fusión Barbados just to name a few. André has also collaborated and performed for main stream music icons such as Heather Headley, Machel Montano and Len Boogsie Sharp and has been respected in his field of vocation. A life goal of André is to establish a scholarship program where all gifted stringed instrumentalist can have an opportunity to advance their studies abroad while representing our country at the highest level possible internationally.


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The Store

The virtuoso! I have been following Andre for over 10 years. He is excellent at his craft and i hope he plays at my wedding someday.Candice Dookree


Andre Donawa is a staple on the Fiesta Plaza stage. He is a consummate performer and a musical genius.Heathcliff West

Andre' is a phenomenal violinist. He delivers a show every single time.Shayla King

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